[A1] 10 courses (250€)


  • Course Duration: 15h
  • Course Capacity: 1-8


  • Instructors Samyra Benbachir

Dedicated to complete beginners (have you checked our Free Quizzes for Beginners?), this program includes:

  • verb as a key role in french and present tense
  • agreements in french sentence: feminine/masculine (including inclusive writing), singular/plural, subject and adjective
  • pronunciation and writing of sounds: e/é, am/an/en/em, ain/ein/in, ail/aille, eil/eille/aye/eye, oeil/euil/euille, ier/iez
  • how to express feelings, preferences and opinions
  • how to ask, invite and suggest
  • vocabulary lists: 63 useful verbs for daily life, 61 common french dishes, etc.
  • cross-cultural: social gathering (la fête des voisins, l’apéro => related to the Gastronomic meal of the French), expressing opinions

At the end, you should be able to deal with easy daily situations: shopping, asking information, finding your way, etc.


[A1] 10 courses / 250€


  • Course materials: included (lessons with exercises and quizzes)
  • One-to-one lesson or group class / 1h30 once or twice a week
  • In French or in English

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