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Welcome in Dijon! In French class, you were probably told that you will be prepared for real life, didn’t you? Thinking about it, whether you are a chinese student, an american immigrant or a japanese sommelier, you all share one thing when you arrive: Dijon. By using this, I wish to bring real life in class for you.

My name is Samyra, native French teacher who used to work as a Communications Manager (see Linkedin profile) which helps me now create my own pragmatic teaching method.

I want to keep the little École Bonjour Dijon people-friendly because of one goal: help you get the correct pronunciation and be prepared to use French as a tool to achieve y-o-u-r goal.

  • Learning style: we start from the local context here in Dijon and of course your motivation. We talk about real things and we try to make you forget that you are learning grammar.
  • Mindset: no judgment, I want to help you feel confident and open to learn.
  • Commitment: we talk in English if you are a beginner or if you feel more comfortable with it. I also explain and repete until you understand. Last but not least, we will talk slowly and step by step in French.
  • Attitude: with a real problem-solving attitude, we can face and solve any linguistic problem together.
  • Organization: class sizes are kept small (max: 8 people together) and actually, one-to-one courses are prefered.
  • Concession: I am open to any suggestion or specific need you might have but let’s be clear, I make NO concession about your motivation and your commitment in class. Ready ?

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