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“Bonjour Dijon !” is a little French language institute located in Dijon, Burgundy (France). We provide on site and online french language courses but also specific training seminars.

We focus on what is behind the language itself and to do this, we work on authentic situations here in Dijon and typical topics referred to social issues, culture, fashion, cuisine, etc.

Our method aims at helping you understand what is highly symbolic in French language and culture in order to make you be part of it.

Our motto: never stop learning and you will eventually be able to use French language with relevance depending on the context!

Who Is The Teacher?

Born and raised in the north of France, Samyra is dynamic and known for her communication skills.

After graduating in a master’s degree in information and communication in 2005, Samyra worked 10 years as a PR and Corporate Communication Manager mainly in the touristic field.

She went back to university a few years ago to achieve one goal: teach French as a foreign language to help people have a social and quality life in a french-speaking environment.

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In a word, Ecole Bonjour Dijon can provide you:
  • online and on site French lessons relating to your needs
  • special training seminars about French culture, tourism and social issues
  • special courses on demand focusing on PR and communication for those who use french language in professional context

Please bear in mind that our school does not provide student visas (check Campus France’s website for more).

Feel free to contact us : Mobile phone: +33 6 22 14 80 99 / Email / Skype
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