La Liberté d’expression en France

[Free B2 content] La Liberté d’expression en France

Today: session about freedom of speech in France with Eirini (Greece) and Ronald (Netherlands)!

What is the specific definition of freedom of speech in France?

What is the story behind?

Why is press freedom so important?

When is it important to protect or to put some limits on freedom of speech?

This issue is a good opportunity to publish our unique content as a free ressource for:

  • advanced students
  • Teachers of French looking for fresh ideas

“Ignorance and fear are my enemies but knowledge is my shield”

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Meet Sarah, Author (with subs)

Meet Sarah, co-author of a dark fantasy history book

French and English subtitles

PS: lots of relative subordinate clauses in this video!

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Meet Vincent, Traceur (with subs)

Meet Vincent, parkour practicer & entrepreneur (and Obama’s french doppelganger )

french and english subtitles

All videos “Meet Them” are here:

Meet Emiko, a Japanese in Dijon (with subs)

 Meet Emiko, a Japanese in Dijon (with subs)

Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Emiko Shibata, Teacher of Japanese, who lives in Dijon since the 1980’s. Born in Kyoto, she came in France to graduate in Lettres Modernes and after teaching French in Japan, she came back here to teach Japanese!

We talked about her life, how she met dozens of french students yearning to learn japanese language and culture and of course her opinion about Dijon and French people.

Since she experienced both the way of life in Japan and in France, she knows how to take a step back on stereotypes so here is the big news: Japanese and French people have lots in common 😀

  Check out the video 

As an MFL Teacher, I like that sort of feedbacks.

First, because I would like to take after more experienced teachers than me and be able to teach French language and culture as parts of an infinity of languages and cultures. All precious and valuable.

Second, because we all tend to fall into this trap: “she is from there so she must be this“, “he wears this, it means that“. But the truth is that is exactly what taints the relationship with each other and prevents us to be open to anyone who is different.

Third, because it takes time to grow and get mature. If we don’t accept listening to others, it means we also refuse to learn more about ourselves. And that’s how you stagnate.

As soon as people from different countries take part in something, it becomes greater
Emiko Shibata

Meet Albin to work on your listening skills!

Do you remember when we talked about Sylvie, Travelling Record Dealer in Dijon and around? Now this time, let’s listen to Albin, Virtual Tour Maker.

Don’t be afraid because native French people speak fast – like you in your mother tongue! -! You will find complete French subtitles in this video, even the contractions between words like “je suis” = “j’suis” or “replier = r’plier”.

Videos “Meet Them” help you focus on your listening skills in authentic spoken French and of course on your pronunciation so feel free to subscribe and share below your feedback. 🙂

Meet Sylvie and work on your pronunciation

We want you to meet real people! Why? Because there is no typical French man or woman: everyone has a story to share and we want you to meet them and ask them questions about their life, their job, even their way to speak! You have a lot of accents and local expressions here so be open to discover them like an adventurer.

Let’s start with Sylvie, travelling record dealer all over Bourgogne and Franche-Comté! Her interview (see below) is subtitled in french and english so feel free to watch it, work on your pronunciation and why not be in touch with her!